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GDPR and the use of CDN

I live in germany and here the authorities are very strict about the GDPR. in a facebook group there is a discussion if IUBENDA complies with the GDPR. for europe yes the privacy-shield agreement has been declared invalid. so it is no longer allowed to send data to non-eu countries. if I use scripts from iubenda they load from a CDN. as far as I can see the CDN is from akamai. akamai uses servers in 130 countries, some of which are certainly outside the EU. 

so my question: how then can the use of iubenda be GDPR compliant?

since their solution looks very promising and i would like to use it, this point would have to be clarified for me in advance though.

i would be very happy to receive an answer to my question.

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  • Hello,

    Is there any way to integrate the functionality related to GDPR into a Gatbsy JS website?
    Cookiehub would be a great option, and there's even a plugin for it but this plugin does not seem to work as it should.          
  • All in all there isn't much that makes a Gatsby site different from a standpoint of the basics of online compliance (I've recently seen more and more people asking about this).

    You can link to or have a privacy policy page, terms of service if needed, and even for cookies there are good options, too.               

    On that front I've recently seen this iubenda Gatsby integration/plugin, that probably does more than you might have had in mind. You'll just integrate the iubenda options in your gatsby-config.js

  • Hello Hans,

    I was searching for the same answer and then found this article. Maybe it can help you too.

    All the best.

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