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Implementing iubenda on React JS website/app

Upvote this discussion if you would like us to add an integration guide specifically tailored for React web framework.

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  • This would be very helpful. One specific challenge I have at present is displaying embedded policies. The script to render the policy appears only to trigger upon loading, which makes it necessary to unload/reload the script, or to load it multiple times.

    When using a 'DRY' component to render policies, this is slightly tricky to achieve. It's an edge case, for sure, but I have (as iubenda recommends) separate policies for mobile apps vs web app vs website, it's possible for a site visitor to view a mobile policy, then the web site policy in succession. I haven't found an elegant way to re-render the policy when the policyId changes.

  • Hi! Is there any example I can follow on how to implement it on a React web app? On localhost everything seems to work great, but when I deploy my codebase, it doesn't load some Iubenda variables, not allowing users to interact with the modal. I tried implementing it putting the script in index.html and directly in React, but with no success. 
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  • Hey,

     Can we also use it for WordPress websites? I want to use it for my WordPress website. If yes, please share any easy solution for adding it.

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  • Yeah that is great idea. It will help many people around the world. I am looking forward to have it. Thanks!!

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  • I have a similar problem. It works fine in localhost but when I deploy the codebase to my website mycplus it does not work.

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  • This should also be available for WordPress websites. 

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  • I'd like to use something specially done for React as well but it looks like Iubenda don't care about its users requests - it was asked a year ago and we don't even have any answer from them.

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  • Thanks for providing this beautiful information.

  • Thankx

  • If you're looking to implement iubenda on your ReactJS website or app, you'll need to first create a file called "iubenda.js". This file contains the iubenda subway surfers codebase, and it will need to be imported into your ReactJS project. Once you've added iubenda to your project, you'll need to use the iubenda init function to initialize it. 

  • thanks

  • i have the same problem with vuejs because the component not accept scripts.

    what can i do i this case, Does anyone have any advice for me?


  • Well done Jacopo. Thanks.                     

  • Can I implement this in Angular.js

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