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Add Mailpoet as email / newsletter provider

 Add Mailpoet as email / newsletter provider

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  • Hello Tobias, 

    Thank you for your suggestion. It seems however that MailPoet is hosted on Wordpress, without itself processing any personal data from its client's users. For this reason I would suggest to instead consider the "Direct Email Marketing" service addition.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

    Kind regards, 



  • Hello,

    are you sure about that? Because they have their own sending service. 

    Therefore it uses Mailpoet servers...

    Thank you and best wishes

  • Beatrice is incorrect. MailPoet is a hosted and hybrid service that runs as both a plugin in a local wordpress installation, and as a SAAS service connected to the plugin. Iubenda MUST support disclosing MailPoet. 

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