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Fluent Forms

In the automatically detected forms in WordPress for the consent solution, can you add support for Fluent Forms? Thank you.

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  • Hello!

    Thank you for your message. Fluent Forms does seem like an interesting service, which we have not exclude from adding in the future.

    However, in the meantime, you have the possibility to add it manually as indicated in the following guidance :

    Kind regards, 



  • I would appreciate to have integration with Fluent forms and Fluent CRM as well. 

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  • +1 for Fluent forms and Fluent CRM. I really need it in order to do a very very big project.

  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your messages, your upvotes have been noted. 

    Kind regards, 



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  • FluentForms is an absolute MUST and the fact that you still haven't added this to your auto-detect feature is shockingly bad! This ticket is 9 months old now! You can make a HUMAN BEING in that much time,s o the fact that you haven't bothered to add this important feature is just embarrassing!

    It renders your whole content function laughably unusable if I'm honest.

    Yes, while it is technically possible to add it manually, the complexity of this is so high that it's practically impossible for anyone without a degree level coding qualification. And to make matters worse, your documentation is based on an outdated and practically obsolete form plugin and not anything modern like Fluent Forms, so it's pretty much useless.

    Please do your users a favour by adding this implementation urgently and stop embarrassing yourselves by continuing to charge for content tracking that is currently useless for people using a modern form builder like Fluent Forms.


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  • Correction, the OP is 11 months old!! WOW, that's awful!! You've sat on this for almost a year and done nothing!!

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  •  Hi, +1 for direct integration of Fluent Forms. This is the best WP forms plugin, you need to integrate it!

  • I think that Iubenda is a dead product, to be honest, the fact that this keeps ending up on AppSumo while no work is being done to add basic functionality like Fluent Forms integration shows that the devs behind this product have just given up. I just hope that anyone looking to invest in this product takes a look at this thread before wasting their time and money on a subscription. Look further and find a product that is being actively developed and works with modern form builders like FluentForms.

  • While I hope to see this integration, I don't think that calling it a dead product is true. It's not a primarily focused WP software.
    We have been informed a few days ago that it's now fully translated into french, which is, for a lot of customers, a huge improvement. It evolves, no doubt.

  • +1 for Fluent Forms integration!

  • Here is another upvoter for Happy Forms as one of the few major Wordpress form plugins...

  • The insights provided in this article are truly invaluable.

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  • When should we expect this?

  • Can't believe that FluentForms is still not integrated! Any ETA for this?

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