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re-open cookie-consent modal via js


as a frontend-developer, I want to re-open the cookie-policy with a link via javascript.

Currently I have create a link like <a href="#" class="iubenda-cs-preferences-link" >Cookies</a>. But this way, I suffer under the behavior, that only the first of such links does work. On our page, we use different footers (on different pages), where this link is included; and only the first does work; the 2nd one only works after a reload.

The class usage is like documented in the documentation (german version). 

I would like to have a JS-API-function like #showCP() or that a your class-name based solutions also works on links, loaded afterwards.

Feel welcome to forward this message or provide a different solution.

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  • sorry for bouncing this topic; this is a serious request and we need a solution for it from you.

  • Oh, same problem i m facing.

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