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Please add support to Encharge (

Please add support to Encharge (, a marketing automation software like Active Campaign.

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  • Yes please, I also would like this app added thanks

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  • Hello, 

    Thank you for your messages, Encharge is an interesting service. We will look into adding it to our generator, particularly if we get more upvotes.

    In the meantime, I would suggest adding a custom clause by taking the following steps: 

    - visit your dashboard (,

    - visit your privacy policy, 

    - "Add service" and "Create custom service".

    For more information about adding a custom clause, please see our help post:

    Any further developments will be noted in this thread.

    Kind regards, 



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  • Yes please. Same request here

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  • Yes, I would also like this app to be added. Thanks

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  • +1 for Encharge

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  • Yes, Please add this.I also need this. It would be great if you add this. Thanks.

  • Same here. Can add it as a custom service but it appears that because of the way their script is constructed, just wrapping it in the <!--IUB-COOKIE-BLOCK-START-PURPOSE-n--> tags doesn't do prior blocking. So be great to have a full solution.

  • Much thanks to you for your messages, Encharge is a fascinating help. We will investigate adding it to our generator, especially assuming that we get more upvotes.
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