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Consent Solution in Prestashop

Good morning,

I have integrated Privacy and Cookie Policy, Cookie Solution, Terms and Conditions on a website.

For the Consent Solution, I entered the code in the HEAD. Do I have to do some other steps with the "Public API Key" field?

The platform in use is PRESTASHOP and I am not using modules. In case I have to do other steps, could you recommend a module?

Thank you









  • Hello,

    me too I'm looking for some help.

    Is quite sad that after 9 month there is no answer at all.

    Did you find some solutions by the way?

  • Hi,

    me also I'm searching for some assistance.

    Is very miserable that following multi month there is no response by any means.

    Did you discover a few arrangements coincidentally?




  • No, I had a private massage by Iubenda where they readdress me to the API.

    With Prestashop if you want to use Consent Solution as far as I understood you have to create your javascript solution by yourself. You can just use their API.

    Good luck...

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