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What are the 5 licenses?


I have bought 5 licenses. The dashboard says that I have used all 5 licenses. But I don't know how. Where do I see what is used as "1 license"? I have:

Privacy and Cookie Policy
Terms and Conditions
Cookie Solution

These are three "modules". When I click on embed, I can see that I have the following texts:

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Terms and Conditions

Three documents have been created that I can use on my website. Also I have the cookie banner.

But what are the 5 licenses? Why 5 when I have only 3 documents?

3 people have this problem
  • I came across many, even official responses. I still don't understand it, though. Please provide the list of the five licences. Someone must have come up with the notion to refer to it as "5 licences" rather than "the huge package," "combo," or any phrase along these lines.

  • Hey Iubenda consulting manager, just give the exact and clear description of what is a license SLOT. Not the License itself, but the SLOT. I don't get what means slot. Does slot equal the clause?

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