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What are the 5 licenses?


I have bought 5 licenses. The dashboard says that I have used all 5 licenses. But I don't know how. Where do I see what is used as "1 license"? I have:

Privacy and Cookie Policy
Terms and Conditions
Cookie Solution

These are three "modules". When I click on embed, I can see that I have the following texts:

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Terms and Conditions

Three documents have been created that I can use on my website. Also I have the cookie banner.

But what are the 5 licenses? Why 5 when I have only 3 documents?

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  • I don't not

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  • Same question here

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  • I saw several answers, also official answers. However, I still don't get it. I would like to see the list of 5 licenses. I mean, somebody must have had the idea to call it "5 licenses" instead of "the big package" or "combo" or something like this. So how are the 5 licenses exactly called:






  • I observed numerous responses, even official responses. However, I'm still perplexed. I'd want to see a list of the five licenses. Someone must have thought of the check more name "5 licenses" instead of "the large bundle" or "combo" or something along those lines. So, what are the names of the five licenses?

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  • I observed numerous responses, even official responses. However, I'm still perplexed. I'd want to see a list of the five licences. Someone must have thought of the name "5 licences" instead of "the large bundle" or "combo" or something along those lines. So, what are the names of the five licences?

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  • I understand 1 license for each set of the 3 legal documents, so that you can apply each set to 5 different websites, for example.

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  • Hello,

    Through our platform you can purchase single licenses (also known as Pay-per-license plan with 1 year duration) or a multi-slots plan.

    You can’t have both plans on your account so you’ll have to choose between a Pay-per-license and a Multi-Slots plan. Though, you’ll be able to switch between the two at anytime.

    On the Pay-per-License plan you can choose between:

    • Pro License: you can generate one Privacy Policy and one Cookie Policy in one language for one website or app at the price of USD 29,00 per year; 
    • Ultra License: you can generate one Privacy Policy, one Cookie Policy and one Terms and Conditions in one language for one website or app at the price of USD 129,00 per year; 

    Multi-Slots plans are made of license slots (minimum 5 up to 1000 slots) with monthly or yearly payment options.

    Using the slots that come with the plan you can generate both Pro and Ultra licenses. This is how the conversion works:

    • 1 Pro License = 1 Slot of your multi-slots plan; 
    • 1 Ultra License = 5 Slots of your multi-slots plan; 

    The information about the licenses conversion is available on our pricing FAQs page here: 

    It is also possible to increase/decrease the number of slots available on your multi-slots plan. In this case when you change our system automatically detects the amount paid on the previous plan - but not used yet- and applies it to the new one. As a result you will start using the new plan right away and will start paying the new price only when the amount previously paid will be used completely.

    Our guide about switching between plans is available here:

    Hope this clarifies your doubts.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need more information or assistance.

  • I absolutely understand the concept of a Pro and an Ultra License. I understand that pro delivers 2 policies and Ultra also offer the terms and conditions. I understand that the more you pay, the more you get. I understand the Ultra offers more than Pro. I understand what Pro offers. I understand what Ultra offers. I understand the different prices and different offers.

    And still, I have no idea why it is called "5 slots". Somebody must have though something, when they called it "5 slots". I mean, making it so confusing for the customers must have any benefit for those who finally understand it, doesn't it? Why not just call it Pro and Ultra plan and leave it with that. Why call it 1 and 5 slots?

    I still wish somebody could fill out this form:

    The 5 slots of the Ultra plan are used for:






  • Thanks for your reply Erik.

    5 Slots of a multi-slots subscriptions can be used to activate alternatively:

    - 5 Pro licenses: meaning 5 privacy and cookie policies for 5 different websites/app in one language or the same documents for 1 websites in 5 different languages or a mix of the two;
    - 1 Ultra license: meaning 1 privacy policy, cookie policy and terms and condition for one website/app in one language.

    Hope this clarifies your doubts.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you, this helps very much.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I had trouble with this "5 license" thing too, but simply put, I believe this is what it means-

    1 license gives you 1 privacy policy/cookie policy for one website/app. Buying 5 of these through the multi-license plan (at $9/mo which is cheaper than 5 separate ones at $29/mo each), then gives you 5 privacy policies/cookie policies for 5 different websites/apps- obviously. It's primarily for that reason that it's called 5 licenses, as it gives you 5 individual licenses for 5 individual sites- but only containing Privacy/Cookie policies so far.  

    Terms&Conditions however, are a separate and more expensive policy, as is apparent in the $29/yr for 1 license of Privacy/Cookie alone, compared to $129/yr to include T&C. That being said, Iubenda allows you to use all 5 licenses intended for 5 Privacy/Cookie plans as explained, for one Privacy/Cookie/T&C, making the T&C worth your remaining 4 licenses...but yes, in that case, you technically do not come out using "5" things...

    Hope this helps and doesnt confuse further!

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  • @Jacopo Pesce this screenshot from your pricing page shows a "check" on the Terms and conditions for the "5 license" thing, unlike what you say. Then when you're ready to generate the T&C, you get a "pay more" screen. Please explain how to get the privacy policy AND terms and conditions with the 5 license price.


  • The "5 licenses" model is one of the most complicated things I have encountered. I would love to meet the person who decided not to call it "bundle" or "elite" or "standard" or "Cookies Package" etc.

  • When I first time read your post I was surprised what is it but after reading whole discussion I found that it a plan, thanks for creating such kind of discussion. 

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