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English only language

I activated my plan but with default your service put the policy in Italian, but my site is in English, of course I don't want two languages, but only that I need, it is possible? Thanks
  • Thanks for putting across the question. I was looking for the solution of the same thing. Hope someone answers soon. Fingers Crossed!

  • Yes was actually thinking to ask the same questionBut now just waiting for the answer as someone asked this on the platform already.

  • I think they just have English only

  • Yes, I had really considered posing the same query. However, considering this question for forlle'd was already posed on the platform, we are simply waiting for a response.

  • Still waiting for the response. 

  • I activated the ultra plan and by default it offers me the English language. How can I deselect English?



  • as always someone already asked the question to which I was looking for the answer. Thanks!

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