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Please add support for Loom

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  • Hi everyone!

    We appreciate your input and interest in the service for Loom and hope to bring it to you as it gains more upvotes and support from other iubenda users in the future. We kindly ask you to explain which purposes you use it for and the data you'd like to collect, this way we can ensure that the service meets your expectations.

    In the meantime, you can create a custom service for any missing services by following the steps in our help article mentioned below:

    Should you have any additional suggestions, please continue to share them with us. Your input is invaluable in helping us improve and grow our community.

    All the best,

    Sahar. A


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  • Loom is a versatile video messaging platform that simplifies communication by allowing users to create and share video recordings effortlessly. Catering to remote teams and individuals alike, Loom offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward recording process. Users can easily capture their screen, webcam, or both simultaneously to convey messages, provide feedback, or deliver presentations. One of Loom's standout features is its ability to generate shareable links for recorded videos instantly, eliminating the hassle of large file attachments or lengthy upload times. This convenience makes it easy for users to share their video messages across various communication channels. Furthermore, Loom provides valuable engagement metrics, enabling users to track viewer activity and gauge the effectiveness of their videos. Whether for business collaboration, educational purposes, or customer support, Loom empowers users to communicate effectively through the power of video .

  • Loom is the best site ever available with great features

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