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Piwik Pro

Is it possible to include Piwik Pro Web Analytics among the list of services you offer a privacy policy for?

3 people like this idea
  • +1

    Piwik PRO urgently needed!

  • Piwik doesn't exist anymore (it's called Matomo).

    Piwik PRO is a different company and it's definitely needed inside the Iubenda list!

  •  Hi there,

    I'd also like to chime in and request that Piwik Pro also be added

  • +1 Add Piwik Pro urgently please!


    Piwik doesn't exist anymore (it's called Matomo).
  • ngầu vl

  • +1 Add Piwik PRO

  • Of course Piwik still exists....

    The company split in 2: Piwik Pro and Matomo.

    They are 2 different companies.

    We need Piwik Pro in Iubenda policy services!!!!

  • I don't know how, but my website need add Piwik PRO

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