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Piwik Pro

Is it possible to include Piwik Pro Web Analytics among the list of services you offer a privacy policy for?

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  • +1

    Piwik PRO urgently needed!

  • Piwik doesn't exist anymore (it's called Matomo).

    Piwik PRO is a different company and it's definitely needed inside the Iubenda list!

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  •  Hi there,

    I'd also like to chime in and request that Piwik Pro also be added

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  • +1 Add Piwik Pro urgently please!


    Piwik doesn't exist anymore (it's called Matomo).

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  • ngầu vl

  • +1 Add Piwik PRO

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  • Of course Piwik still exists....

    The company split in 2: Piwik Pro and Matomo.

    They are 2 different companies.

    We need Piwik Pro in Iubenda policy services!!!!

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  • I don't know how, but my website need add Piwik PRO

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  • Guys this is super annoying we paid your service that you take care of this. That a service is missing is okay, let the users wait for more than five(!) months is not. For all users which are need this here is the way to add Piwik Pro manually:

    Got to your dashboard, choose private policy and add a custom service. Choose as type analytics and use the texts from here:

    Hope that helps.

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