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Changing language to multiple for tar-getting all different countries.


I have huge audience on the basis tennis niche on my website. Most the comments i face are.

"I have translated these comments into english"

1 - Can you make this in french

2 - We are not able to read

3 - Good content but not readable 

4 - How to convert this into Portugues 

SO, my question is. 

Is there any way where I can make my content to all languages? For example. I write a just a simple english blog but when a person opens my blog in french they see it in there language and other person who opens the blog in India, they see my blog in there language, 

I need the suggestion and solution from the expert person. 

Waiting for the experts......

2 people have this question
  • There are 8 languages support on Iubenda right now. 

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm happy to inform you that our generator now supports 12 languages. This includes the addition of French, Portuguese, and Portuguese (BR). Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you need more information or assistance.

    Kind Regards,



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