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Changing language to multiple for tar-getting all different countries.


I have huge audience on the basis tennis niche on my website. Most the comments i face are.

"I have translated these comments into english"

1 - Can you make this in french

2 - We are not able to read

3 - Good content but not readable 

4 - How to convert this into Portugues 

SO, my question is. 

Is there any way where I can make my content to all languages? For example. I write a just a simple english blog but when a person opens my blog in french they see it in there language and other person who opens the blog in India, they see my blog in there language, 

I need the suggestion and solution from the expert person. 

Waiting for the experts......

2 people have this question
  • There are 8 languages support on Iubenda right now. 

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