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Reload cookie banner when user changes website language

Hello. I have successfully integrated the cookie banner.

When the user changes the language, the website content is updated without refreshing the page. 

However I can't find how to update the cookie banner language without reloading the page.

Is there is a function to reload the banner ? 

Thank you

  • Yes, I think there is a function Nicolas. Could you manage that?

  • Hey Nicolas, if you want to do that you can check this post that it writes about advanced settings about cookies. I might help you

  • If your website is designed to update content without refreshing the page, it's possible that the website uses AJAX or similar technologies to achieve this seamless content update. However, updating the cookie banner might still require a JavaScript function to handle the update, and this function would typically need to be triggered through a user action or a specific event.

    If you have access to a developer or someone familiar with JavaScript, they could assist you in creating a function that updates the cookie banner's language without reloading the entire page. If not, you might need to consider using the default behavior of the cookie banner for the language change, or you could explore third-party tools or plugins that might offer the desired functionality without extensive coding.


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