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Request for additional language support for website's cookie policy generated by

I am currently using to generate my website's cookie policy, but I have noticed that the platform does not support my desired language. This is causing issues for some of my website's users who are unable to understand the cookie policy in their preferred language. I would like to request additional language support on to ensure that all of my website's users can understand and agree to the terms of the cookie policy. Could you please provide information on how I can request this feature or if it is already in the works? Any updates or estimated time frames for the implementation of additional language support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Hello

  • Seeking language expansion for cookie policy generator. My preferred language is absent, complicating user understanding and agreement. Requesting guidance on feature request or progress status. Also, I intend to employ cookies for my APK website, underscoring the need for comprehensive multi-language support. Grateful for any updates or timelines regarding additional language incorporation.

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