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Update needed: OneSignal Privacy Policy

 Your summary of the OneSignal Privacy Policy seems to be not up-to-date anymore. 

The Data Privacy Policy states: "OneSignal does not share SDK information with third parties except those who process the data on behalf of OneSignal.".

Your summary. Your privacy policy generator states: "The Data collected may be used by the service provider for interest-based advertising, analytics and market research. In order to understand OneSignal's use of Data, consult OneSignal's privacy policy."

Please update

  • Onesignal could be an option but then suddenly stopped. 

  • Hi there, and thank you for your inquiry!

    At this time, we hold the view that both of the highlighted statements can simultaneously be valid since they both suggest the data's versatility. Additionally, we of course do link to their own policy.

    If you have a different perspective however, we welcome your insights.

    Kind regards,

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