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NextJs - iubenda keeps asking


I have a website using nextjs with a headless WP, i set up my iubenda account and cookie consent. The problem is that it keeps asking, every page i reload. It doesnt seems to save the preferences. I dont know where to ask, so i am placing it here. Thanks

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  • I have the same problem. Any help?

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  • SAME +1

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  • Is this something you are working on?

  • yes working

  • some time not work

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  • Does not exist

  •  If your Iubenda cookie consent tool keeps asking for consent on every page reload and doesn't seem to save the preferences, there could be a few potential reasons and solutions to explore:

    Check Cookie Expiry Settings: Ensure that the cookies set by the Iubenda consent tool have appropriate expiry settings. If the cookies expire too quickly or aren't persistently stored, users will be prompted to give consent on every page reload. You might need to adjust the settings in your Iubenda account or plugin configuration to set longer expiry times for the consent cookies.

    Verify Cookie Consent Implementation: Double-check that you've correctly implemented the Iubenda cookie consent tool on your Next.js site. Make sure that the necessary JavaScript code provided by Iubenda is included and executed properly on all pages of your site. Any issues with the implementation could prevent the consent preferences from being saved and recognized across page reloads.

    Test Across Different Browsers: Sometimes, browser settings or configurations can affect how cookie consent is handled. Test the behavior of the Iubenda consent tool across different browsers to see if the issue is specific to a particular browser or if it persists across all browsers.

    Review Next.js Configuration: Next.js applications might have specific configurations or optimizations that could interfere with cookie consent functionality. Review your Next.js configuration and make sure that it doesn't inadvertently block or interfere with the storage of cookies required for consent preferences.

    Check for JavaScript Errors: Look for any JavaScript errors in your browser's developer console that might be preventing the Iubenda consent tool from working correctly. Addressing these errors could resolve the issue with consent preferences not being




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