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Cloudflare + Iubenda

hello to everyone,

i use cloudflare fro my sites, i'm trying to add iubenda html code to this tool, but i have lots of problem.
Anyone have solved this problem to customize iubenda fro cloudflare?
thanx for your time

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  • Hello Simone,

    Integrating the iubenda HTML code with Cloudflare should be possible. iubenda provides tools for creating and managing privacy policies, cookie banners, and other legal compliance components for websites. Here are some steps you can follow to integrate iubenda with your Cloudflare-protected websites:

    1. Generate the iubenda Code:

       - Log in to your iubenda account.

       - Create or edit your privacy policy or cookie banner as needed.

       - Generate the HTML code for the privacy policy or cookie banner.

    2. Add iubenda Code to Your Website:

       - In Cloudflare, navigate to your DNS settings or Cloudflare dashboard.

       - Add a new DNS record or edit an existing one, depending on where you want to place the iubenda code (e.g., your website's root domain or a subdomain).

       - Set the DNS record type to "CNAME" (if using a subdomain, create a CNAME record for it).

       - In the "Name" or "Hostname" field, enter the subdomain or path where you want the iubenda code to appear (e.g., "privacy" for a subdomain like "").

       - In the "Value" or "Points To" field, enter the iubenda code or the URL where iubenda's code is hosted.

    3. **Configure Cloudflare Page Rules (Optional)**:

       - If you need to apply the iubenda code to specific pages or URLs, you can set up Cloudflare Page Rules to do so. For example, you might want to show the cookie banner only on certain pages.

       - Create a Cloudflare Page Rule that matches the specific URL pattern and add a setting to "Disable Security" or "Bypass Cache" to ensure the iubenda code works as intended.

    4. **Test and Verify**:

       - After saving your DNS changes and configuring any necessary Page Rules, test your website to ensure the iubenda code is appearing correctly and functioning as expected.

       - Make sure to clear your browser cache and perform tests on different devices and browsers.

    5. **Monitor and Maintain**:

       - Periodically check your website to ensure that the iubenda code remains functional. Additionally, keep your iubenda settings up to date with any changes in your legal requirements.

    Remember that Cloudflare offers various security and caching features, so you may need to adjust its settings to ensure that the iubenda code works seamlessly.

    If you encounter specific issues or have more detailed questions about integrating iubenda with Cloudflare, you might want to consult the support resources provided by both iubenda and Cloudflare or consider seeking assistance from web development professionals who are experienced with these tools.









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