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G2 Tracker - include as a new service

We've started using the tracker from G2 is the leading software reviews website and offers several paid services. As part of their Core offering you can have a tracker that shows you how people navigate to a from the G2 site to your site.

Documentation can be found here:

Unfortunately G2 is not available as an out of the box service and therefore requires manual implementation in Iubenda. Given the reach of I believe it makes sense to add it to your services list.

Thank you


  • Hi Michel,

    We truly appreciate your recommendation to include G2 in our services list and we are optimistic about making it available as soon as it receives more upvotes and support from other iubenda users in the future.

    Should you have any additional suggestions, please continue to share them with us. Your feedback plays an important role in assisting us to improve and broaden our community and services.

    Kind regards,



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