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Quick Query on Iubenda's Enterprise Services

I hope you're well. I'm exploring Iubenda's services for enterprises and I just wanted to know that how does Iubenda cater to compliance needs for larger businesses?

Your insights are appreciated!
Here is the Enterprise ( we looking services for. 

  • Hi there, and thank you for your inquiry!

    We understand that Enterprises require top-notch partners to address their compliance requirements. That's why our team of account managers, skilled lawyers, and experienced developers is ready to assist you in ensuring that your company's needs are comprehensively addressed, in the case that your site or app has over 5M Pageviews per month.
    We welcome you to learn more about this at our info page:

    If you have less than 5M pageviews per month but would like some assistance in acquiring web professionals, lawyers and legal advisors to handle the configuration and implementation of iubenda solutions on your website or app, we welcome you to visit our Partner Directory at:

    All the best,



  • Hi Sahar,
    Thank you for your prompt response! I appreciate the information provided. We'll review the details on your Enterprise services page and get back to you if we have any further questions.

    Best regards,
    Rizwan Khan

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