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React - Cookie Banner - Scripts not activated by when consent found


I'm working on the integration of the Cookie Banner in a React app.

This is the configuration:


      askConsentAtCookiePolicyUpdate: true,
      countryDetection: true,
      enableFadp: true,
      enableLgpd: true,
      enableUspr: true,
      lgpdAppliesGlobally: false,
      perPurposeConsent: true,
      siteId: 'theid',
      whitelabel: false,
      cookiePolicyId: 'theid',
      lang: 'thelang',
      cookiePolicyUrl: 'theurl',
      privacyPolicyUrl: 'theurl',
      privacyPolicyNoticeAtCollectionUrl: 'theurl',
      forceSafeActivation: true,
      logLevel: 'debug',
      banner: {
        acceptButtonCaptionColor: '#000000',
        acceptButtonColor: '#FFFFFF',
        acceptButtonDisplay: true,
        closeButtonDisplay: false,
        customizeButtonDisplay: true,
        explicitWithdrawal: true,
        listPurposes: true,
        position: 'float-bottom-right',
        rejectButtonCaptionColor: '#FFFFFF',
        rejectButtonColor: '#000000',
        rejectButtonDisplay: true,
        showTitle: false,

 When the page loads Iubenda's code blocks every script even if the consent has been given and it doesn't activate them back anymore.

What are the possibile causes and solutions?


  • By the way, these are the scripts I'm loading:



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