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Tag Manager integration without Pushing default & Update

due to the usage of custom tags alongside the main Iubenda plugin, I am wondering if there's any way to implement Iubenda using tag manager in a way that the Iubenda tag does not directly touch consent settings, and consequently only
a- Shows the banner & other graphical elements in a functional way
b- Sets the iub cookie
c- Records consents on that cookie

It must NOT
a- Push default consent on tag manager (using Google API)
b- Push consent updates on tag manager

  • Yes, you can implement Iubenda using a tag manager like Google Tag Manager (GTM) in a way that separates its functionality from directly managing consent settings. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this:

    1. Create Iubenda Tag in GTM:
       First, create a custom HTML tag in GTM to include the Iubenda script. This tag will handle the insertion of the Iubenda banner and other graphical elements. Make sure to set it to fire on all pages.

    2. Set Up Cookie Handling:
       You'll need to manage the Iubenda cookie (typically named "iubenda_consent_given") independently of the consent settings. Use GTM to set up triggers and variables to manage this cookie. You'll want to set the cookie when the banner is interacted with or when consent is given.

    3. Record Consents on the Cookie:

       Similarly, use GTM to manage consent recording. When a user interacts with the Iubenda banner and gives consent, trigger GTM to record this consent on the cookie you've set up.

    4. Configure GTM for Not Pushing Default Consent or Updates:

       Ensure that your GTM configuration does not automatically push default consent or updates. This typically involves careful configuration of triggers and tags within GTM to ensure that consent actions are only taken when specifically triggered by user interactions with the Iubenda banner.

    5. Testing:
       Thoroughly test your implementation to ensure that the Iubenda banner displays correctly, the cookie is set appropriately, and consents are recorded as expected. This step is crucial to ensure compliance with regulations and to provide a smooth user experience.

    6. Documentation:
       Document your implementation process and configuration thoroughly for future reference and compliance auditing purposes.

    By following these steps, you can integrate Iubenda into your website using a tag manager without directly manipulating consent settings, thereby ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining transparency in consent management.

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