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Danish Language [+Scandinavian/Nordic countries]

I am requesting Danish language for iubenda. 

I expect that the remaining Scandinavian (Nordic) countries are of similar interest in terms of iubenda's offering for GDPR compliance in general.

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  •  Yes, please add Swedish as well!

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  • Hello Frank and thank you for your addition!

    I would like to inform you that we prioritize new languages additions based on the number of upvotes. Therefore, the best way to make it happen sooner is to upvote this request and make other interested users do the same, so we can move the request to our roadmap. In the mean time, we allow using custom translations. You can drop us a line at if you need more information.

    Kind Regards,



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  • Yes, give us Danish!

    (to me, Iubenda is close too worthless without it)

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  • Another vote for Danish

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  • Aften completing the partner certification, I’ve begun pushing iubenda services to customers and project partners. Unfortunately, the lack of Danish language is really holding people back. We have a very competitive market for cookie solutions in Denmark and nearly every other provider offer Danish. Showing an English banner to Danish users is also a major UX killer. (And being Italians, I think you know how people react to being addressed in English...) I’m really, really hoping for you to include Danish soon - in part also because a cookie banner in Denmark must be “[written] in a clear, precise and easy-to-understand language or equivalent in easy-to-understand pictorial language, eg pictograms”. One can argue whether a banner written in English complies with that statement. As Linus writes above, iubenda is nearly useless in Denmark without Danish language. The (harsh) Danish cookie regulation can be found here (in Danish):
  • 1 vote for Swedish

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  • Please add swedish

  • Someone from customer service let me know in December 2022 that Danish is close to being launched
  • One more vote for Swedish language. Thanks.                        

  • yes  

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