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Implementing iubenda on React JS website/app

Upvote this discussion if you would like us to add an integration guide specifically tailored for React web framework.

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  • On localhost, everything appears to be running smoothly, however when I deploy my codebase, some Iubenda variables are not loaded, making it impossible for users to interact with the modal. I attempted to do it by placing the script straight in React and index.html, but I was unable.

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  • You must first create a file named "iubenda.js" if you want to use iubenda on your ReactJS website or application. This file must be loaded into your ReactJS project because it contains the iubenda subway surfers codebaseYou must initialise iubenda using the iubenda init function after adding it to your project.

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  •  hello

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  • 2
  • Thanks for the information

  • Hi, I'm new here. In which languages is the iubenda available? I want to integrate this into my Javascript, and Yii2 websites.

  • Hello!! 

    I have same problem with Angular.js because the components not accept scripts. 

    What can I do in this case?

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