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Unable to load iubenda properly with SSL

I'm trying to load a iubenda privacy policy on my HTTPS website but I am having a problem. I have the code that is displayed to integrate to my website and the URL for the javascript file is "//". However, that javascript file seems to load " " which isn't allowed because it is a HTTP URL. This causes the javascript code to not work and when I click the link, it just opens it instead of displaying it in a popup box. This is the error from FireBug: Blocked loading mixed active content "" ...=M+"px",f+=P,r(e,C+f,S,M)}h(I,e,function(){_iub.ifr.iubendaStartBadge({linkA:e,e...
  • Hi ub3rst4r, I am checking back with our technical staff and will get back to you regarding this. I thought we had this fixed by not including the http. Simon
  • Hi ub3rst4r, could you please provide us the exact code you used to display the privacy policy on you website (that is, the snippet of code you embedded into the website page) along with your website's url? Thanks, Mimmo
  • Sorry, I didn't realize that this was replied to until now. Here's the code I have in my website: Privacy Policy Here's the error from FireBug: I hope you can fix this.
  • Hi ub3rst4r, it seems to us that the embedding code you put into your page contains the http:// protocol in the Privacy Policy link. Could you please remove that protocol and try again? < a href=" " class="iubenda-nostyle iubenda-embed .... should become < a href="// " class="iubenda-nostyle iubenda-embed ... Please let us know if everything work or if there are still problems.
  • I removed the http: and now it works. Also, I'm not sure why but my other account got deactivated. I'm able to login but when I go to enter in my email to reactivate it, it says an email has been sent to reactivate it but no email ever comes. I had to signup with this email instead.
  • Hi Nick, sorry if this is too obvious but have you checked the spam filter? Sorry for the inconveniences.
  • Yes, I checked my spam folder and mail server logs. The other thing is that after I enter my email to reactivate my account, it says "No problem! We've just sent an email to" rel="nofollow">" So for whatever reason, it's probably going to .
  • Hi Nick, I don't know why that would've happened. Please let me know if you consider this issue resolved (with your new account) or if I am to investigate the problem's root. Best, Simon
  • It's okay. You can close this issue
  • Ok :)
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