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Policy title all in lower case

Hi, I just created a privacy policy (really easy mind you) but noticed that the policy title is all in lower case. eg. "Privacy Policy of your company name". I'd like to ensure the correct capitalisation is made but it keeps converting it all to lower case. Can this be fixed?
  • Hi Jake, Let's just establish that we are talking about the same thing here: do you mean the title which in the link below displays as "Privacy Policy of "? I think what you are referring to may be the company title which is shown at Contact information > Data owner. The title as you see it always refers to the website or the name of the mobile app and not the actual company behind it. Is that a problem in your case? Thanks for the feedback btw. Simon
  • Hi Simon, Thank you for the prompt reply. That's correct. However I don't have the website address in this location; I have the name of the software instead. Forcing lower case in this instance is a problem. I've included the link to the particular policy I am referring to:
  • Hi back Jake, I understand, I've checked out the privacy policy (and the product, nice one, I've used Gravity Forms a very long time ago myself). Can you tell me why you need the Product Name there? Semantically speaking the domain or app name in that place just makes the most sense. You're not making the privacy policy for the Product Name, but rather, in this instance for the website and its associated behaviour. In any case I'm placing this thought with the team. Best regards and I'm wishing a great start into the week, Simon
  • @Jake, Disregard part of my objections, we've fixed this behaviour right away. Can you try changing it via your policy's ui? .
  • Hi Simon, Works like a charm. Thank you for the assistance.
  • Hi Jake, glad it works :) Let me know if you have other questions. Enjoy your day, Simon
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