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How can i block DISQUS cookies in a wordpress installation?

How can i block DISQUS cookies in a wordpress installation? Do i have to customize the plugin or you will ship a plugin?
  • For the time being i have done the following: 1) Disable DISQUS plugin 2) Customize the theme with the DISQUS javascript code 3) Applied iubenda class to the DISQUS script Same for addthis and google adsense plugins.
  • Iubenda released a wordpress plugin, i think this question can be closed.
  • With the plugin you cannot block anything because you don't know where and when other plugins will output some javascript, so you can't add the html comments required in order to block the code execution.
  • Hi Dynamo Productions, Paola is right about this, the safest way is the way you chose to implement from the beginning. WordPress plugins are adding a complication in this case. Also we have released our first version a couple of days ago with lots of problems across setups and we are trying to iron out all of these problems. However it's still very early and very much beta. Best regards, Simon
  • I downloaded the source code and you can took a look, I see that Disqus hooks onto the comments_template filter so you can try this; i did the same for my company site and now it's on mycoles not working 


    dd_filter( 'comments_template' , 'disable_disqus', 1 );
    function disable_disqus($file) {
       //if not blog page, remove disqus filter
       if( !is_page('blog') ) {
          remove_filter('comments_template', 'dsq_comments_template');
       //returns regular comments template
       return $file;


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