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Hi,It was not clear the difference between the 9/month and the 27/year plans. Could you please explain the differences?Thanks,Diego

Hi Diego, The $27/year plan holds one license (= $27/year). You are billed yearly. The $9/month plan holds five licenses (= $108/year). You are billed monthly for it to be less hard on your budget. If you choose the monthly plan, it's up to you how long you pay. Ideally, you'll stay with us as long as your projects need policies. When you stop paying you will have no more policies for your sites/apps. The reason is that iubenda is a software as a service that keeps your policies hosted on a site and updates them with new wording, clauses and features. Does this help with your choice? Please feel free to answer if anything is still unclear. Simon
  • If I choose the 9/month plan, how many months do I have necessarily to pay?
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