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Could I combine Fb app + Web site PP ?

Hi, I'm developing a Chrome Extension witch actually will include a Fb app, moreover it will be new site. So the question is should I buy both Privacy Policies for Fb app and Site ? How can I merge them?
  • Hi Alexander, thanks for the question. How does the FB app integrate with the Chrome Extension? Is Facebook used for authentication (and in case for grabbing FB graph information)?
  • Yes, user can use his Fb account for authentication, also user can show his/her activity on Fb open graph like 4sq or Spotify and so on..
  • Ok, then: - Create a website privacy policy with a dummy name - Configure it as if it was the privacy policy of your chrome app, using the service "Facebook Application" for configuring the list of facebook permissions - Drop a line at with the name of your application, so that we can manually change the dummy name with the right one Let me know if there's something I'm missing :)
  • Ok. Many thanks to you Andrea.
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