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Missing wordpress plugins for formbuilders gravity forms, ninja forms, formidable forms...

Hello, I've got a problem with the privacy policy and consider stopping my iubenda account. The only reason i'm a customer is that i can simply add plugins/services i use and knowing for the rest that my policy is correct and up to date. Now with the new GPDR rules i need to make some serious changes, and apparently you don't have the services covered that i use. almost every formbuilder plugin in wordpress, gravity forms, formidable forms, contact 7, ninja forms, which are the most used formbuilders you dont have this in the services, theire are more than a million wordpress users that uses these formbuilder starting from a simple contact to more complex multipage forms for registration off all sorts, application forms. I'm building a loans/mortgage broker website where visitors can calculate/simulate a needed car loan (ex) and then they can go and fill out a application form for theire calculated car loan. I collect a lot of user information, which is a lot more than provided in the privacy or cookie policy. Futhermore the collected data is used to give at 3th party for making a loan contract. so my privacy policy is not GPDR proof. But i'm not alone, meaning besides financiel forms, (loans, mortgages) theire are insurance sites, and other sites which uses a formbuilder plugin to collect personal data from the visitor, data which is used for insurances, travelling sites, subscription off all sorts. For instance theire is EU legislation on which these forms need to comply just like the GPDR. Theire is no need to make for every form builder plugin a description, finaly they all collect data, the only thing is that the text which is provided in the privacy policy is to general, theire is a way to changes this i think, make a general service data collection in financial services, data collection in travel, and so one. Is theire a way iubenda will provide this? If not i would like to know so i can search an other solution or ask another service to make my privacy and cookie policy
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