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This is seriously flawed. A privacy policy that then has its own privacy policy? For real?
  • Since we host the policy we really have to provide some information to the end user. Also using CDN services has implications. By the way, you're not the first to complain about it, and I'm seriously thinking about a good way to explain it more transparently than with another privacy policy. Thank you for reporting, Andrea :)
  • You could not record anything about the people viewing the policies and therefore not need one.
  • Either not collect anything or automatically include within the generated privacy policy the required attributes about what data is collected when using the privacy policy rather than link to another privacy policy.
  • FYI, this related help article about removing branding is outdated:
  • just add it as a service which is selected by default. Its really incredibly simple!
  • Tust add it as one of the services, and have it on by default.
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