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Nothing big, just typo i think On the page Part 3 says: "Invite other users to subscrive" i am assuming you meant subscribe ? startups helping startups = GIMME 5!
  • Reeally thank you, fixed! I think your startup is similar to Fubles, founded by some good friends. Check it out :)
  • my pleasure Andrea. And yes, i know Fubles. I exchanged a few emails with Mirko and a few others. We are quite similar indeed. It is good to see people tackling this problem. It has been too long with no solution.
  • The guys from Fubles are personal friends, we even share an investor. You have tough competition, stay strong, but I think that you can have benefit one from each other :) Let me know if there's anything else about iubenda. I hope you'll have the chance to try out the product very soon :) Andrea
  • I hope so too. Let me know when things progress on your side. Strong competition is good i think. Makes us create better products and makes the end user happier which is what counts at the end.
  • :)
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