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Am I allowed to generate a privacy policy in one language and translate it myself (or by a professional) into another language?

Paying another 27$ per year is way too much for a simple translation in my eyes. Am I allowed to do the translation part myself?
  • Hi Bradolan, Which language do you need? We usually don't allow the translation for various legal and other reasons. However, maybe you've missed the full legal text which is based on several thousand words? Doing a legal translation like this costs around 10 x the $27. Also, consider the fact that you have all of our built-in clauses and integrations up to date and new integrations are automatically translated as well. If you change anything in the main privacy policy, the changes reflect in that second language for non-custom additions. Hope this helps with the understanding of our point of view? Best regards, Simon
  • Hello, I need a mobile App privacy policy in German and English. For 1000 words I would pay 100€ for translating with an professional translator. But 200-300€ once is usually better than 27$ every year. If changes occur, only the changes have to be considered for translating. I don't believe it will change that much to make additional 27$ per year then. That said, I would prefer it, if your service could make a higher initial price (e.g. 40$) for a translation and lower continuous costs (e.g. 13$ per year), as a translation usually isn't the same amount of work as the conceptual part. Kind regards, Bradolan
  • Hi Bradolan, Thanks for the insights. I understand your thoughts there. At the moment the pricing answers to a lot of use cases and we are strict with the languages we offer. We are, however, also working on more flexible pricing. We may therefore introduce something more fitting down the road. Nothing is set in stone, so I can't make promises for a change that will help you. Btw. your 200-300€ would cover a timespan of 6-10y. However we anticipate for things to change. Both the rules can change and the nature of the apps you're offering. We're flexible in the sense that the policy you have can be changed at any time into anything you need. There are no big up front costs, and you can cancel when you have no need for a privacy policy anymore :) I know it doesn't help much, but I hope you understand? Best regards, Simon
  • Hello Simon, Thanks for your answer. Yes of course, I understand. Kind regards, Bradolan
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