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i changed my policy but the old one is still showing. How can i get it to refresh?

Hi Jereme, The refresh should be instant. Can you tell me what you mean by you "replaced the html"? When you make a new policy you need to grab the new integration codes. Maybe that's where it's at. . Let me know if it worked. Best regards, Simon
  • yes, i thought that it would also! But i've pasted the code and the button is showing but it still shows the old free policy. Maybe the code didn't refresh, or maybe I should have deleted the first policy and started again? The policy is the correct one in my iubenda profile though...
  • Hm. No it doesn't matter, your account can hold dozens of policies, they do not interfere with each other. I'd do this systematically. Delete the code from your site; Go grab the link, embedding code or button code, whichever you prefer, from your new policy, and freshly embed it into your site, at a slightly different place potentially, to make sure it wasn't a caching problem. If it still doesn't work we'll have to see if something else could be at the root of the problem.
  • yeah definitely not working. Im happy to start again if you can mark it as paid so i don't get charged again
  • Jereme, would you mind giving me your account email? You shouldn't delete the policy with the blue dot, that's the one you paid for. In the worst case we can still turn new policies into PRO. Since this is the first time I hear of this problem, I need to see what could cause it.
  • Would you mind jumping on the chat on the main page? Should be easier.
  • sure simon, is it just the main question field on the support page?
  • There should be a chat interface on the .
  • I made a free policy and put it on my site. Then i decided to buy a policy and so updated it and have replaced the html on the site with the latest policy but it is still showing the old policy! Thanks in advance
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