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review your knowledge and understanding of data privacy law.

I do not wish to provide my personal email address. However it appears that I have to.
  • You might start with asking your lawyers about the following on your legal page which is full of grammatical, spelling, and most importantly incorrect legal advice (hint: i would start with the General Data Protection Regulation nb it is the EEA not the EU for one, as a second - you refer to regulations as requiring direct effect by member states which is just not the case .. i could go on). I am a data privacy lawyer. I work with companies to provide concise appropriate legal advice on these matters, it is important. [below your text] One of our greatest efforts is toward covering every country's law by adopting the strictest information rules required in each country. We take the strictest regulations and implement them into our policies Our lawyers worry about the legal text and our software crafts your policies We monitor the legal landscape for possible changes and make necessary changes To be more specific however: our privacy policy texts have been written with Europan privacy rules at the core. Europe has a very well developed privacy law sector. The relevant legal framework in the European Union is the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) and the ePrivacy Directive (2002/58/EC, as revised by 2009/136/EC). These regulations need to be implemented into the Member State's law. From there courts and data protection agencies take over and provide suggestions over the correct usage. Our job is to keep up with these developments and help you with our framework. On top of these European rules we have adopted and are open to future changes in several legislations across the globe like the USA (mainly California), Australia and so forth.
  • Ps I am sure it was an oversight but you should probably include information about changes to Cookie Laws, audits and the possibility of mandatory administrative fines for such policies under the GDPR if incorrect.
  • Please also explain what cookie law is - does it affect Canada? Is it a regulation or directive? Also useful to have comparative with us federal legislation. Pipeda good starting point for direct marketing in countries with adequacy status. Check industry regulators too.
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