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Difference between creating a privacy policy for a messenger bot and a facebook app

Hi. We are creating a chatbot and have a website. I´m trying to find examples for a privacy policy regarding a chatbot, but the only thing i can find is for facebook apps. When i check the chatbots already on facebook they are labeled as product/service. What kind of privacy policy do you need for a chatbot? When someone clicks "get started" is information collected then or is it only when we ask for location, their name etc? Is the framework like the "get started" button covered by facebook privacy policy or our own? Our service is simple it´s going to show people where they can fill up their water bottles with free & delicious tapwater. We are not selling anything trough the bot. The only thing i know we de is ask for their location where they can tap the button or not, and give them a link to google maps to find a waterhole in close proximity. What do we really need for this bot in terms of a privacy policy?
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