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"Transfer of Personal Data" clause or Business Transfer clause

I am a new author, and I am starting an author website. I plan to collect personal information of the visitors of my website. My current business classification is the sole proprietorship. I do not want to say that I will not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others. This is just because I plan to create a Corporation or LLC next year and transfer my sole proprietorship business to the LLC. Thus, the LLC or Corporation will own my sole proprietorship business. Thus, the LLC or Corporation will possess the personal identification information of my website visitors. Hence, I do not want to say that I will not share the personal information of the users who signed up for my newsletter. Thus, I like to include a "Transfer of Personal Data" clause. Sometimes this is called a Business Transfer clause, where you specific that you may transfer user data to a new party in a case of merger, acquisition and so on. Do you create a "Transfer of Personal Data" clause?
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