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Make "Age eligibility and children privacy" available to free accounts

Under "Further information about Personal Data", "Age eligibility and children privacy" is an available service to select. However, it is restricted to Pro accounts. I find this very ironic, since iubenda assist websites in complying with the law on including a Privacy Policy. COPPA is a requirement by law for sites that collect information from children. My idea is that iubenda should make this service available to free accounts. Please do excuse me if the service isn't about COPPA at all, or if I'm missing something, because I'm very new to this.
  • Hi, I confirm that the service is about COPPA, but we must really keep it Pro. Having enough Pro subscriber is necessary for enabling us to offer part of our service for free :)
  • I completely understand that, but I think there's a lot of incentive to go Pro already. Quite a few of these services, especially PayPal, Dropbox, and OAuth, are really begging me to go Pro already. I think COPPA, though, is something extraordinarily basic that kinda seems strange to block behind Pro. I understand that you guys have to make money, but I just think this service is too basic to force payment for.
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