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Rating on Play Store

My app asks users to rate and write a comment on the Play Store. Is there a service to add into the policy? Which one?
  • Hi Alessio, how is this related to the app? Is this rating done only in the app and then displayed on the Play Store? Or do people go to the Play Store first and then rate there being completely aware that they are outside of your app? In any case, we have no such wording ready, therefore you can add it via a custom service this way: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps? Simon
  • Hi Simon, my app shows a pop-up with the message: "Do you like this app? Please take a moment to rate it and to post some comments or suggestions. Thank you for your support!". The people are redirected to the Play Store, if they tap the 'Rate now!' button. The rating is done outside the app, into the Play Store. Do I need to write something into the Privacy Policy? Thanks, Alessio.
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