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Seems there's no way to contact iubenda?

I tried using you "contact us" but I'm getting "You must complete all fields and specify a valid email address." I completed form and included my email address. I have a Pro account, but when I try to add a feature, it says I must upgrade to a Pro account to do this. Can you tell me how to set up a privacy policy?
  • Oh man, now I have to use my Facebook account just to contact you?
  • Hi Sharon, Please excuse the late answer on here. We've been on state holidays and have only monitored some of our email & Twitter. However I'm not sure why you couldn't reach us, we communicate our email addresses and other means to get in touch quite openly. Would you send me an email to to tell me how we can help you out? As a quick diagnosis I can say that you've probably mistakenly opened two policies one of which takes up your PRO account. You can check that in your dashboard, , there you can see how many policies you have and which one has been turned PRO. Hope this helps, and please, don't hesitate to get in touch with me privately. Simon
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