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Font via CDN - vanno dichiarati nella privacy policy?

Hi Giulia, Ti risponderò in inglese, fammi sapere se non va bene per te. You are right, the use of web font providers should be disclosed in a privacy policy since the site shows content from another page that potentially collects data from a visitor. It may also be true for other scripts served from a CDN, like our CloudFlare integration for example. We are soon bringing that Typekit/Google fonts integration as well. In the meantime, you should just do it with a custom service like this > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps? Simon
  • Thank you, web fonts served by CDNs is becoming very popular, so I think your integration will be useful for many people. Best regards, Giulia
  • Hey Giulia, we have added Typekit and Google Fonts. You'll find it in > your privacy policy > add service Best regards, Simon
  • Mi chiedevo: avete suggerimenti su cosa e se occorra dichiarare sul sito quando si implementano i servizi di web font tramite terzi (tipo Google fonts, Typekit, E in generale sul richiamo via CDN di script di codice?
  • is now also available.
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