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Database driven App with lots of personal information - what to do?

Hi Anders, thanks for asking. The question is not super-clear, but you can use the "Create custom service" button to add whatever you want to the privacy policy. In this case I suggest you do explain in plain language what you do with the personal data and how you collect them. Feel free to provide further information and we'll try to give you further help, where possible :) Andrea
  • Thanks, Andrea, that ́s just what I did. In the future it would be helpful though if you had your lawyers work out something more "lawyerish" for Apps storing personell records or similar where you can check off which data fields and types of fields you are using. Just email me at if you want us to help you as beta testers for something like this :-)
  • We have an iPhone App to register members of a local activity group. It is used in sports, cultural activities etc. So, we do enter personal information about people as well as their attendance of events, through our App. This should of course be covered by the privacy policy of the app. Any suggestions on how I can use iubenda to get at least a framework for this part of the privacy policy?
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