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Instructions on how to remove the installed cookies on the major browser, why Iubenda doesn't show it ?

Hi Marco, this feature is coming it was just not there yet. Sorry for the confusion, we're adding each component slowly. Best regards, Simon
  • Why info for the user about how to delete cookies from browsers are not shown in the privacy/cookie policy page ? For example, i saw that the amazon affiliation banners/links does not seems to install any cookie until the user click on that banner/links. After that, some cookies are installed to track the user. Btw i've installed the iubenda code so that the amazon affiliation banners are shown only AFTER the user gives the consent (after the top cookie banner is shown and the user scrolls the page, for example). But consider this situation: a user open my website, the amazon affiliate banners are not shown. After a while the Top cookie banner is shown and the user give its consent by scrolling the page or closing the banner. In this moment the amazon affiliation banners is shown, but no cookies are installed yet. Then the user clicks on an amazon affiliation banner/link. At this point some cookies is installed to track the user and the user is directed to the amazon product page. Until now all it seems to be compliant with the law (the user gave the consent before clicking the link, so it's ok). But, what if the user, after a while, want to deny the consent ? The amazon affiliation cookies are installed on its computer. I think that there should be at least instructions on the cookie policy page on how the user can remove the cookies, even general instructions on how to remove the cookies from all the major browser (i don't mean instructions for the amazon cookies itself but in general for all kind of cookies). Also i think that the cookie law says that similar instructions should be presented on the cookie policy page, but i don't see any similar instruction on the page that Iubenda shows to the user. Why ?
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