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Terms of Use Document

Hi Niall, this is something we're actively working on :) Andrea
  • Excellent! Any rough ideas of when it might be ready?
  • We'll start experimenting with a restricted number of users within a few weeks. If you have urgency or want to try the service as soon as possible, please drop me a line at Thank you in advance :)
  • Great, thanks for your help. If we go live before you release the service, we'll drop you line. All the best, Niall
  • Any updates on this? I see that you generate your own (iubenda) terms with a similar style your privacy, so I assume you are still working on it. I'm launching soon, and would love to include your terms along with the privacy policy. Thanks!
  • Agreed, will email the address Andrea provided, but would be good to get some more official word on this. The blog does mention it is still under construction though:
  • Hi, Just wondering if you offered (or considering offering) a similar service for the 'Terms of Use/Service' document? It would be really great to have both these documents looking and functioning the same. Thanks!
  • Has there been any update on this topic??
  • Yes Jerrett, can you drop me a line at with quick details about your project and the country where you're based?
  • I just sent you an email about this. I am looking for the same thing. Just signed up for the pro version and didn't realize it only covered privacy.
  • Hi Josh, I just wrote you an email about this :)
  • Hi guys, interested to see this too - if it's been in the works for over 2 years it's probably time to launch it public (...just saying) but would love access!
  • Hi everyone, more specifically @Hugh, We've been offering a service we call "assistance package" for a while now that includes the custom crafting of both the privacy policy and the terms (with some more tips regarding compliance). It's a premium assistance service that also includes the signing off from a local lawyer. If you're interested to heaer please send me an email at simon at our domain!
  • Hi @Simon -- sorry for my delay on this -- but 2 thoughts. 1. Love the idea of a premium offering with the hands-on of a lawyer. A good tier of service. BUT 2. We're looking at something that scales a bit better for consistently the same "service" (i.e. standard Wordpress site) that would cover both PP and ToS that we can provide to our customers. Most of them will have no interest in a premium package. As a result of (2) sounds like we're going to have to brew our own solution instead. As with your core PP offering, I see it as something you can start off simplistically and see what traction it gets. I was highly attracted to iubenda because of the simple/complex toggle, but without it being an offering covering both PP and ToS in a simple, cheap (yes, it's a legal document, but this is both our limitation and that of our customers in turn -- keep in mind that for $29 you can buy a 100% legally compliant ToS document here in Australia that is updated by a local lawyer...) and easy fashion, it won't work for us :( Hugh
  • Hi there @Hugh, Re: 2) Are you providing websites to customers based on WordPress as a service? I understand, I wish I could say we're ready to launch that service in iubenda fashion, but it's not the case, yet. Please feel free to shoot me an email with details about your service, you never know how it affects our course internally. Maybe we'd be able to help out. Simon :)
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