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Hide banner on Cookie Policy page


I'm using the Iubenda WordPress plugin, and am offering the 'Learn more and customize' button on my banner. I also have my own custom Cookie Policy page on my site. So when a user clicks on the 'Learn more and customize' button and the Iubenda pop-up appears, if they then click on the 'See full cookie policy' link in the top right hand corner they are shown my Cookie Policy page in the pop-up.

The problem is this page is also displaying the cookie banner. So users are clicking on the cookie banner the first time and being offered another site page in the pop-up which also has the cookie banner (which they could then click on again and see another cookie banner - it's the Russian doll of cookie banners).

I have 2 questions:

1) How can I disable the cookie banner just on the Cookie Policy page?

2) How can I prevent any cookies from ever being set on the Cookie Policy page?



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