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How to name your policies if your operating under a DBA (Doing business as).

So, I heard that if you're operating under a DBA "doing business as," that for the Owner field in Iubenda, we should put our full name then a comma, doing business as our legal DBA registered business name. Is this true?

  • Yeah this needs to be brought to attention it differs depending on platforms and is confusing. Especially if you’re a administrator is goes into a grey area, when you’re partners with the company your businesses provides a service and you’re using the resources to make a solution to another business affiliate.I just fill it out to the best of my ability then ask them to check it and if needed makes changes. They should let you know once they review your application. Here is a great example why.

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  • Thus, I heard that in case you're working under a DBA "working together as," that for the Owner field in Iubenda, we should put our complete name pirlo tv boxing then a comma, working together as our legitimate DBA enrolled business name. Is this valid?

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  • I heard that in case you're working under a DBA "working in sewing field," that for the Owner field in Iubenda, i should put our complete name sewing business then a comma, Is it true?

  • I m Facing Same Problem

  • How much time you have faces this issue? this is an old thread. I have seen this know.

  • Did you get you answer or not?

  • Thus, I learned that if you're operating under a DBA "working together as," we can put our full name pirlo tv boxing followed by a comma in the Owner field in Iubenda, working together as our legal DBA enrolled business name. 

    Is this correct?

  • Can we use short form of business name?

  • Therefore, I learned that you're operating supporting a DBA "working collectively as," that for the Owner range in Iubenda, we should establish our comprehensive style Pirlo tv boxing than a comma, fighting collectively as our authorized DBA registered company title. Is this authentic?


    Another +1 for Calendly support. just check it prilo tv boxing

  • I m Facing Same Problem....need suggestion

  • why my question is going on approval?

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