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AMP Cookie Banner Infinite Loading Bug


I'm trying to implement the cookie banner consent on the AMP pages of my blog.

In the non-amp version of the blog everything is ok, I installed the Iubenda plugin for Wordpress and I entered the code of the cookie banner correctly. Everything is displayed correctly and everything is ok.

For the AMP version it is having a problem, which is that it starts an infinite loading at the bottom of the page (see attached video).

I tried both ways of implementation, both by activating the AMP AMP plugin option, and by manually loading the html file on a subdomain, inserting the codes in the AMP pages but the result is always the same ( infinite loading bottom right).

Do you know how to solve?


Now I am including all the resources to better understand the problem.

Below is the video of the site with both implementations:

Below is the html file uploaded to the subdomain:


Below is the screenshot of the DIV block inserted in the body of the AMP pages (between the HEAD tag of the site I have inserted exactly the code you entered in the guide):


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