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Sip Trunking Service

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. Basically, SIP Trunking is one of the methods aimed at making business to business communications flexible, cost-effective, and seamless. SIP Trunking has been a great success when it comes to finding an answer to telecommunication problems across Canada in general, and around the world in particular.


SIP trunking enables businesses to hold multimedia communicative sessions between two or more parties with as many connections as necessary. That not only includes audio calls, but also video conferences and advanced multimedia business presentations are at the core features of SIP trunking services. Moreover, SIP trunking doesn’t facilitate any physical modem or routers and long, unending series of wires. The whole of its presence is upright digital and is based on the internet.


Which means SIP trunking establishes a communication network via a working internet connection. It uses your local IP-PBX and thereafter passes through the internet to receive or send a call at local or international level. This gives SIP trunking tremendous flexibility as it does not limit the connections, but rather expands to greater extent than a traditional phone line. To give you an estimate, every person in your office can be on the phone and disruption will be totally alien. 

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