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Which license to buy???

So, I'm working on a client's website and we need to implement it with Iubenda.

The website will have:

  • 4 languages
  • general info contact form
  • curriculum submission form
  • probably a newsletter (not now but very likely in the future)

Which license should we buy?

Context: I'm a graphic designer and this is my first time with technical stuff about websites so please explain as I'm your cat. TYSM!

  • I think you should read the manual guide mention in this websiste, where all the ifnroamtion is already placed, also never forgte to read the FAQs section, for better undersrtanding of it. I have also worked for a client gaming site and to my surpruce I have also faced many technical issues, what I do is take him in the loop and discuess all the issues with him, and he was pretty much coperative and we both tried and manged to solve all of them and due to my authenticiy he provide me tip also. 

  • Thank you for sharing 

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