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Public API Key

 I am using the iubenda wordpress plugin and need a public API key for the Consent Solution. Where do I find it?

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  • I also searched for the Public API Key and unfortunately could not find it. However, there is a simple solution to use the WordPress plugin without the API key. 

    Just go to your iubenda dashboard and click on "Embed". Copy the code in the "Embed the banner" section.

    Now switch to the start interface of the iubenda WordPress plugin. Paste the code you just copied into the "Code" window. Finally, click Save and you're done.

    If you run a multilingual WordPress site, you have to paste the code in all languages. To do this, simply select the language via the iubenda WordPress plugin and paste the code from the iubenda homepage in the same language. 

    If you use iubenda as a free version, you can also insert the same code for each language. Note, however, that the cookie window will then only be displayed in the one language.

    I hope that I could help!

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